We develop and manufacture samplers and sampling inlets for TSPM, PM10, PM4,0 , PM2,5 , PM1,0 as well as all dust compounds in ambient and indoor air.

Our samplers are conform with all current scientific and legal requirements on aerosol measurement techniques.

Our sequential sampler SEQ47/50 took successfully part in the European PM2,5 field test procedure, as well as in all further European comparison field tests. The results of these field tests revealed that the SEQ47/50 sampler fulfils all requirements for a European standard reference sampler.

The essential features of the European PM2,5/PM10 standard reference sampler as described in the current  CEN EN 12341 were taken over from the SEQ47/50 sampler.

Hence, the sequential sampler SEQ47/50 equipped with PM2,5 respectively PM10 inlet inlet complies completely with the European  PM2,5/PM10 standard reference sampler according to CEN EN 12341.

Our single-filter sampler LVS6 (Kleinfiltergerät) equipped with PM2,5 respectively PM10 inlet is based on the same construction principles as the sequential sampler
SEQ 47/50 and thus, fulfils the requirements of CEN EN 12341 in the same way.